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  Become A Member Membership is simple and there are no initiation fees, so why wait? Enjoy one of the largest, most diverse fleets and best value in the Denver area.
  Learn to Fly From private through ATP and almost anything in between, our staff of professional instructors can cater to almost any training need.
  Listen to Air Traffic Control Live!
Visit LiveATC.net to listen in on Centennial Airport (KAPA) Air Traffic Control! Go
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Frequently Asked Questions about Flights, Inc. Membership:
 What does it cost?
To fly at Flights, Inc., there are no initiation fees, only monthly membership fees which are detailed on the membership page. Rental rates for our various aircraft can be found on the aircraft fleet page.
 Is there an initiation fee?
No. there are no initiation fees for joining Flights, Inc.
 I'm flying with an instructor at another flight school. Can I fly at Flights, Inc., with my current instructor?
No, you can not. For insurance reasons, only instructors approved by Flights, Inc., may give flight instruction in a Flights, Inc. aircraft.
 Can I rent a plane after hours?
Yes. We have established an after hours dispatch system so you can fly any time you want to. Please speak with our dispatch personnel for details on how this works.
 Do I have to pay for fuel?
No. All of our hourly rental rates include fuel costs. If you require fuel at a remote location, present your receipt at check-in time to have the fuel costs credited toward your flight time.
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