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Learn to fly!
Learning to fly is easier than you think. Whether you want to be an airline pilot, or just fly for fun, now is a good time to start your flight training. With our quality instructors and resources, you can receive the professional flight training you desire. And it costs less than you might think.

There is no minimum age to begin your training, you just need to be eligible for an FAA medical certificate (and be able to reach the rudder pedals). So visit Flights, Inc., talk with some of our instructors, look at our aircraft, start your flight training today! A short introductory flight with one of our instructors is a great way to begin your training

Don't wait another minute. Let us arrange your Discovery Flight. It's time to capture your dream of aviation. E-mail us at info@flights-inc.com or call at 303.799.5140.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost?
Flight Training is a ‘pay as you go’ process. Unlike other educational programs, flight training is not tuition based. When spread out over time, the weekly/monthly cost of flight training is quite manageable. Since this cost is typically spread out over a six month period, the expense averages about $230 per week.

Also, our multi-media ground training program provides valuable home study training at an extremely low price. This integrated training approach helps students lower the overall cost of flight training by being better prepared for flight lessons.

Financial Aid
We understand that flight training is expensive. Flights, Inc. can help you get special rates from our preferred lenders to cover your flight training expenses. Ask your instructor or the Flights, Inc. staff for more information about securing a loan.

What can I do to prepare?
When you're ready to start flying, you'll need an FAA Medical Certificate, which also serves as your student pilot certificate. Your flight instructor can recommend a medical examiner, or you can locate one through the FAA's medical examiner list.

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